During the third quarter of 2023/2024, the High Commission participated in four travel and tourism shows in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary to promote and showcase Tanzanian tourism attractions in Canada. 

The respective shows had 321, 199, 173, and 228 companies as exhibitors. In the same order, the shows received 21,400, 16,300, 14,100, and 16,400 visitors. 

The High Commission showcased Tanzania's tourist attractions through brochures, flyers, and videos that contained pictures and information about tourism in Tanzania. 

The Mission had an opportunity to hold one-on-one talks with visitors to the Tanzania booth about travel and tourism in Tanzania. However, three private companies - Zara Tanzania Adventures, Wito Safaris, and G—Adventures promoted Tanzania's beauty during the Toronto Travel and Tourism Show. 

However, in all four shows, the Mission noted that two out of three visitors to the Tanzania booth had already visited Tanzania for tourism purposes or one reason. For those who have visited Tanzania for tourism purposes, the visit was to the northern circuit and Zanzibar Islands. Therefore, this shows that concerted efforts should be made to promote other tourist circuits in Tanzania. 

The High Commission has been participating in business-to-consumer (B2C) travel and tourism shows in Canada as part of its strategies to promote Tanzania as a destination for tour operators, travel agents, and final consumers of the tourism service in Canada.