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Date Title Preview
26 Jul, 2023 Showcasing the beauty of Tanzania handcraft in Canada
02 Jun, 2023 Tanzania declares end of deadly Marburg virus outbreak
17 May, 2023 Invitation to Participate the 7th Edition of the Swahili International Tourism Expo
11 May, 2023 Promoting Tanzania Cashew, Coffee, Tea and Spices in Sial Canada Trade Show
04 Apr, 2023 Travel Advisory No.13 OF 22nd March 2023
03 Apr, 2023 Showcasing Tanzania travel destinations in Ottawa
31 Mar, 2023 Invitation to participate the 47th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair
06 Mar, 2023 Promoting Tanzania Tourism in Toronto and Vancouver
12 Jan, 2023 GDLY Inc Canada and Dira Women Organization Signed A Two - Year Activities Level Agreement
12 Jan, 2023 Travel Advisory No. 12 of 12th January, 2023
31 Oct, 2022 Tanzania participates in the 32nd International Tourism and Travel Show
11 Sep, 2022 Travel Advisory No. 11 of 08th September, 2022
09 Sep, 2022 Mwenendo wa Ugonjwa wa Virusi vya Korona (UVIKO – 19) Nchini
15 Aug, 2022 S!TE 2022, Taking Tourism to new Heights!
12 Jun, 2022 The loss of Biodiversity: What consequences for countries?
17 May, 2022 CODE climbs Kilimanjaro with purpose
30 Apr, 2022 A courtesy call to the Minister for Housing and Diversity and Inclusion
10 Mar, 2022 The Global Aid Network Canada pays a courtesy call to the High Commission
07 Aug, 2018 Oil and Gas Sector Investments